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January 27, 2011
GOHL 21 coming soon
Kipher, long-time GM of the Windsor Mooseheads will be taking over the simulation
and running of the GOHL, as most of you already know thru e-mails the last couple
of weeks. He just needed time to get everything installed and running smoothly.
History note for the newer GM's.. i (Denis) simmed GOHL 1-15 with FHL, then Robert
did 16-20 with the STHS.

In the meantime please visit our message board. It was a very busy place before
the portal opened. And in this mid-season break we all need to know what's happening
with your teams! Articles please!

        GOHL 20 roster limits are:    
45 players. maximum 25 players on Pro team (up 5 players)
No player on farm can have a 68OV or more. (up 3 OV)
20 players listed as prospects

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Check out the GOHL wiki, a work in progress.


February 18/09              Your GOHL           starts friday!

One of the oldest and most established fantasy hockey leagues returns this Friday Feb.20th.. yes GOHL 18 is here. We are now legally able to drink in some provinces and states, and we can vote. We have been playing now for 10 years.
We still have many original GM's, but the past few seasons we have seen new people come on board. The advantage you have here is history. Your GOHL 18 Cup is more
valuable than the hundreds of fantasy leagues that come and go. Just look at FHL
listing for new leagues posted just 1-2 months ago, click the links and those leagues are already dead.

The GOHL has had some highs and lows like any other FHL league. The early years saw trade deadlines that lasted to 3 and 4 am in the morning. The GOHL 7 March 2003 trade deadline gave us 34 trades in that day alone, with 104 players getting dealt (not counting all the draft picks). That's 1 in 6 of the total GOHL players being dealt... in one day. We had a first round pick being dealt to the Montreal Hitmen in December 2000, only to have Mario Lemieux come out of retirement 2 days after that deal. Needless to say the Hitmen were able to draft the Hall Of Famer with that first pick.

We had the "goon" years after GOHL 4 ended, as a couple of teams decided to crack skulls for a few years. A man named Frainer became a legend here. The Dublin Doom had 5427 PIM as a team in GOHL 5. That's around 60 minutes a game average!
In 2002, we participated in the GOHL Olympics Challenge, where Canada and Russia played a quick 40 game sched in the league.
In GOHL 11, we played our first and only All-Star game, hosted by the Jamaica Pot Smokers, that also featured an All-Star competition.
GOHL 12 became a "Retro" season, as many players went on strike. GM's chose to either keep their current GOHL team or select one from the early 90's NHL. Victoria won with a roster that had many of the 90-91 Edmonton Oilers.

The FHL sim was used from GOHL 1 to 15. Commish Gour,
while still liking to sim actual games, got tired of adjusting rosters in every off-season. (ie checking each player for retirements etc). Doctor's called it 'sim burnout'.
Instead of a usual September season for GOHL 16, it began later
in January with a new commish (Robert) to sim the games and a new simulator, the STHS. This gave the GOHL the shootout among new options available.

Over the course of the years one thing remained constant, The GOHL Rocks!!! became
a cry heard regularly and one that should come back even more. Many female fans would
also send in their pics saying 'the commish is a hunk' and such.


The future of the GOHL was and will be succesfull as long as the GM's that are onboard make it that way. Participation is the key. If no longer interested then please step down for someone else. If interested then participate. Just using the message board shows that you are around for example.

One day we may have a new online simulator, where GM's could just click on the site and run their team (no commish work!). The search continues.

A few reasons why the GOHL is hot!!
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